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A Book and a Break A Book and a Break

Price: $17.00
This Little Black Book of Chocolate is filled with recipes and chocolate facts packed into every page. Best of all, it comes with a treat - a six ... more info
All Chocolate Heart All Chocolate Heart

Price: $31.25
This heart box is the kind that chocolate lovers cherish. It's beautiful, in a rich deep brown and totally EDIBLE! Each box is crafted with our ... more info
Almond Bark Almond Bark

Price: $23.00
Our bark gets better with every bite! Plump almonds are freshly roasted and salted in our candy kitchen and then blended with our sweet creamy white ... more info
Almond Toffee Bar Almond Toffee Bar

Price: $9.50
Taste the heartland of the USA in every bite. Our recipe is simple, but the blending of flavors is perfection. Our homemade Wisconsin butter toffee, ... more info
Award Collection ♥ Award Collection ♥

Price: $24.00
Our Award collection is stuffed with winners from the Wisconsin State Fair. Enjoy confections made from wholesome Wisconsin butter and cream. You'll ... more info
Be Mine Meltaways Be Mine Meltaways

Price: $19.00
Our creamy dreamy meltaways are whipped until they are as light as love, draped in milk chocolate, then sprinkled with red kisses, white hugs and ... more info
Be My Valentine Be My Valentine

Price: $37.75
A classic box, filled with a classic variety of delightful Wilmar chocolates. Each chocolate is hand-stirred, hand-rolled, hand-dipped, then ... more info
Block Chocolate (American) Block Chocolate (American)

Price: $7.50
Our favorite American chocolate will enhance the flavor of anything your make. Use for any chocolate purpose; baking, candymaking, fruit dipping, or ... more info
Build Your Own Bar! Build Your Own Bar!

Price: $9.50
Choose your mix-ins & watch your bar being made 11 am to 5 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. All other days, pick up or shipping orders will be ... more info
Buttoned Up Buttoned Up

Price: $38.25
Show him you mean business. He'll loosen his shirt and tie when you give him his very own box of chocolates. This flirty shirt box holds a pound of ... more info
Candyopoly Candyopoly

Price: $17.50
The sweetest game you'll ever play! Like the original monopoly, but instead of property you earn deeds for candy spaces, like lemon drop or lollipop. ... more info
Caramel Collection Caramel Collection

Price: $26.00
Do you love caramel? In this sampler, discover Wilmar caramel in all of its amazing incarnations. You'll find a variety of everything we make ... more info
Caramel Nut Logs Caramel Nut Logs

Price: $23.00
A Wisconsin family favorite. Our excellent cream caramel, coated in milk chocolate, then rolled in freshly roasted and ground peanuts. The logs are ... more info
Caramels and Sea Salt Caramels and Sea Salt

Price: $20.00
Opposites attract! This sweet-salty-chocolatey combination features our top-selling caramel made with thick, fresh cream from the local dairy, ... more info
Cashew Wilmarvels Cashew Wilmarvels

Price: $23.00
Luscious hand made vanilla caramel is draped over freshly roasted cashews, then enrobed in milk chocolate. We decorate each with semisweet stripes. ... more info
Celebration In a Box Celebration In a Box

Price: $48.00
When you need to treat in a big way - this is the perfect choice. From handmade truffles to chocolate covered nuts, each box is packed with our no ... more info
Cherry Flambé Bar Cherry Flambé Bar

Price: $9.50
Put some sizzle and crunch into your winter. The seasonal offering from our Mix It Up! Chocolate Bar pairs cayenne and Vietnamese cinnamon to spark a ... more info
Cherry Pie Bar Cherry Pie Bar

Price: $9.50
One of our top sellers. Milk chocolate mixed with Door County cherries, hand roasted almonds, a dash of cinnamon, and a sprinkle of sea salt create ... more info
Chocolate & Charm Chocolate & Charm

Price: $40.50
Have your chocolate & wear it too! This box holds a delicious assortment of Wilmar milk & dark chocolates and a charm that declares "I Love ... more info
Chocolate Apron* Chocolate Apron*

Price: $18.50
Our cheeky "chocolate quip" apron is the color of blended milk and semisweet chocolate, printed with vanilla colored lettering. Made of easy care ... more info
Chocolate Buffet ♥ Chocolate Buffet ♥

Price: $23.00
Not just an assortment, but a veritable buffet! In this box of chocolates, there are no two confections exactly alike; nutty, crunchy, creamy, chewy, ... more info
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake

Price: $6.75
Beguile your guests with this sweet little chocolate, shaped like a three tier cake. The cake is molded with silky milk chocolate, and filled with ... more info
Chocolate Callets (Belgian) Chocolate Callets (Belgian)

Price: $14.00
Our imported chips (callets) are creamy and smooth. They can be used for all of your baking experiments; mousse, frosting, ganaches, or very special ... more info
Chocolate Chips (American) Chocolate Chips (American)

Price: $6.50
These chips beat the grocery store chips any time. They can be used for cookies, cakes, frosting, or dipping. Try them in your favorite baking recipe ... more info
Chocolate Covered Caramels Chocolate Covered Caramels

Price: $30.00
Our cream-laden vanilla caramel is made one batch at a time with fresh Wisconsin dairy cream. We hand cut our golden caramel into bite-sized ... more info
Chocolate Covered Cherries Chocolate Covered Cherries

Price: $26.50
Grab the napkins, these are the messy ones! A shell of smooth creamy chocolate holds a surprise: a sweet cherry, swimming in luscious cherry nectar. ... more info
Chocolate Covered Pretzels Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Price: $17.00
Now you see them, now you don't! Our creamy white, milk or semisweet chocolate covered pretzels are hard to resist; A little sweetness, a little ... more info
Chocolate Fund Bank Chocolate Fund Bank

Price: $22.50
Don't save your change for parking meters! Save it for chocolate! This sand cast, hand brushed money box is solid, handsome and hankering to be ... more info
Chocolate Hearts Chocolate Hearts

Price: $21.50
Scatter a little love, and chocolate around you... in color! A heart shaped chocolate is wrapped in pretty foil, reflecting the lights, the joy and ... more info
Chocolate Sprinkles Chocolate Sprinkles

Price: $9.75
These imported chocolate sprinkles are perfect for baking and decorating, but can also be used for more exotic chocolate excursions. How about ... more info
Chocolate-opoly Game* Chocolate-opoly Game*

Price: $26.00
Similar to the classic property board game, but all about a subject you love... chocolate. The board is teeming with temptation. Travel around with a ... more info
Cocoa Cocoa

Price: $13.50
This cocoa is rich, golden brown, and 100% dutched, which means intensity of flavor with an extremely smooth finish. Top of the line taste and ... more info
Conversation Hearts Conversation Hearts

Price: $12.75
Let this charming little heart say what's in your heart. It's the big kid version of the classic Conversation Heart, and tastes better! Inside is an ... more info
Cookies & Cream Bar Cookies & Cream Bar

Price: $9.50
Milk and cookies anyone? We've done the dunking for you: Oreos and chocolate cookies are immersed in our creamy vanilla, mixed up and shaped into a ... more info
Cream Assortment ♥ Cream Assortment ♥

Price: $23.00
All soft center chocolates, for those who prefer the melt-in-your-mouth variety. Our unsurpassed creams, delicious double chocolates, marvelous ... more info
Cupid's Bow Cupid's Bow

Price: $35.25
Need a little help from Cupid's bow and arrow? Our deep red heart box will charm any reluctant lover. A full pound of artfully crafted chocolates, ... more info
Curious George Fun Pack Curious George Fun Pack

Price: $15.50
Our favorite mischievous monkey visits a chocolate factory! The fun pack includes a soft cover book, a certificate to our Mix It Up! Chocolate Bar ... more info
Curry Pistachio Bar Curry Pistachio Bar

Price: $9.50
When chocolate meets spice… it's so very nice! Pistachio nuts, ginger, coconut, sweet curry, and a pinch of sea salt are mixed with our favorite 42% ... more info
Doily Packet Doily Packet

Price: $7.85
Enhance your presentations with our lace paper doilies. Perfect for dinner settings graced with one piece of chocolate, ideal for staging place ... more info
Double Chocolates Double Chocolates

Price: $23.00
This chocolate inside, chocolate outside confection is a quick way to satisfy the most persistent craving. Our favorite milk chocolate is softened ... more info
Espresso Crunch Bar Espresso Crunch Bar

Price: $9.50
Breakfast all day! You won't need a wake up call after lunch or dinner, just a few squares of our Espresso Crunch bar. Espresso, granola, chocolate ... more info
Favor Box Favor Box

Price: $6.25
With a large dollop of chocolate and a dash of natural peppermint we’ve whipped up a minty chocolatey confection that can surprise and delight anyone ... more info
Flower Chocolate Flower Chocolate

Price: $1.00
These pretty little chocolates will brighten up any table and sweeten up your guests. We've taken our famous meltaway and made it prettier with a ... more info
Fountain Chocolate Fountain Chocolate

Price: $10.00
No need to add a drop of anything to this "fountain ready" chocolate. Silky and delicious; just melt and dip in. It works for fondue pots too. Choose ... more info
French Mints French Mints

Price: $23.75
Ooh La La! Our french mints were awarded the highest award of any product entered in a state wide taste test. How do we do it? We add a delicate dash ... more info
From Me To You From Me To You

Price: $19.50
Reuseable and romantic. Our pretty heart shaped bowl holds six luscious chocolates and a love note. After the chocolate has been devoured, the dish ... more info
Gift Card $10 Gift Card $10

Price: $10.00
The perfect way to beat the heat, and still give chocolates.
Gift Card $20 Gift Card $20

Price: $20.00
The best way to resist the temptation of eating the chocolates meant to be a gift.
Gift Card $50 Gift Card $50

Price: $50.00
For the chocolate lover in your life.
Give Me Five Give Me Five

Price: $9.25
Five of our delicious and unique truffles are tucked into this unordinary red slider box. Long and sleek, it's the perfect Valentine gift when you ... more info
Gold Ballotin Gold Ballotin

Price: $4.75
Show them the love, with truffles inside. Our two pack box is just the right size for a quick peck, a sly look, a perfect take-away. Size doesn't ... more info
Gold Truffle Heart Gold Truffle Heart

Price: $27.00
Bursting with our magnificent truffles, this up-to-date box heats up any affair of the heart. Seventeen truffles, in eight intense flavors for an all ... more info
Golden Truffle Golden Truffle

Price: $4.75
Since it's a one piece box, make it a good one. Our richest most decadent chocolate, a truffle, graces this little gold box. Use this small but ... more info
Happy Valentines Day! Happy Valentines Day!

Price: $38.00
A classic box, filled with a classic variety of delightful Wilmar chocolates. Each chocolate is hand-stirred, hand-rolled, hand-dipped, then ... more info
Heart of Gold Heart of Gold

Price: $20.50
Want to show someone that they are precious to you? Our beautiful heart of gold filled with a glowing array of our handmade chocolate is the perfect ... more info
Home Grown Chocolate Cow Home Grown Chocolate Cow

Price: $9.00
We honor the humble animal that makes Wisconsin the dairy capital of America! Our fine milk chocolate cow, fed on green grass and fresh air will ... more info
Jelly Bean Machine Jelly Bean Machine

Price: $24.00
A retro designed dispenser for jellybeans or other little treats. Small, stylish and solidly built. No coins needed. It will last for many years, ... more info
Kid Stuff Bar Kid Stuff Bar

Price: $9.50
We've stirred up our favorite "kid" candy - gummi bears, M&M's®, Pop Rocks® with creamy milk chocolate. This bar pops, chews, and melts in your ... more info
Love's Garden Love's Garden

Price: $71.00
Fall in love in a chocolate garden! So many varieties to entice you; choose a toffee, a meltaway, a Wilmarvel, a truffle, or any of our other ... more info
Macadamia Wilmarvels Macadamia Wilmarvels

Price: $30.00
The most amazing, incredible once-a-year confection, made fresh in our candy kitchen. Glorious chocolate, layered over our creamy caramel, layered ... more info
Meltaway Heart Meltaway Heart

Price: $7.75
Our famous meltaway is hand cut into a sweet heart shape and dipped in a swirl of creamy milk or silky semisweet chocolate. The final touch is a ... more info
Meltaways Meltaways

Price: $23.00
This chocolate will melt in your mouth or in your hand... it's that delectable. Our highly flavored milk chocolate is melted and stirred until it is ... more info
Non Pareils Non Pareils

Price: $23.00
The name says it all; unparalleled goodness in every bite. These unparalleled poppers are made with pure chocolate, individually dotted with sugary ... more info
Nut Clusters Nut Clusters

Price: $23.00
Fresh and roasted nuts, lightly salted, are covered in a thick layer of our finest chocolate to create a vitamin packed snack. The almond, brazil, ... more info
Nuts, Caramels & Crunchies ♥ Nuts, Caramels & Crunchies ♥

Price: $23.00
Just like the names says...but of course, covered in chocolate. Our assortment of chewy and crunchy chocolates include a variety of delicious ... more info
Oysters Oysters

Price: $23.00
Oysters from Wisconsin?!? A local favorite that doesn't really have anything to do with seafood. More like see-food; A creamy, super-sweet vanilla ... more info
Passion Heart Passion Heart

Price: $56.25
If passion describes what you feel for your Valentine, then search no further. Our glorious Passion Heart in deep red tones of satin and velvet is ... more info
Pecan Wilmarvels Pecan Wilmarvels

Price: $23.00
A triple indulgence; Fresh pecans, creamy hand made caramel, and our pure milk chocolate all layered one on top of the other. A classic, well-loved ... more info
Precious Heart Precious Heart

Price: $20.50
Who is precious to you? Who do you love? Tell them so! This gorgeous foil wrapped box filled with a glowing array of our handmade chocolate is the ... more info
Red Hot Truffles Red Hot Truffles

Price: $20.50
Mmmmmmmm...chocolate and spice is so very nice! To create this fiery truffle we've infused Wisconsin whipping cream with Vietnamese cinnamon and ... more info
Roasted Cashews* Roasted Cashews*

Price: $16.50
We buy the biggest raw cashews available and hand-roast them to a toasty golden crunch. While they are still warm we add a light dusting of salt. One ... more info
Rosebud Rosebud

Price: $41.50
Let the garden of love flourish with our Rosebud heart box. The beautiful twirled fabric box holds an array of chocolate that encourages love to grow ... more info
Satin & Sweets Satin & Sweets

Price: $56.25
Our hand picked assortment of smooth, lustrous chocolate will make any lover's heart beat a little faster. Each chocolate in this assortment is made ... more info
Satin Swirl Satin Swirl

Price: $40.50
Our radiant satin heart is a package of sweetness. Outside, a silken red bow hugs the glowing heart box, stirring the imagination. Inside, the box ... more info
Scatter Joy Scatter Joy

Price: $16.00
These chocolate hearts make it easy to spread the love. Each heart is made with creamy milk chocolate that when shared, brightens the cloudiest day. ... more info
Silver Ballotin Silver Ballotin

Price: $4.25
Need a little gift? Our two piece silver ballotin can be useful for many occasions: table decorations, shower favors, anniversary tokens, pillow ... more info
Simple & Sweet Simple & Sweet

Price: $4.25
A very lovely way to say many things... an add on gift for your attendants, a treat for family and friends at a dinner party, a table favor for ... more info
Slow Burn Bar Slow Burn Bar

Price: $9.50
Turn up the heat! Our spicy Slow Burn Bar is a blend of Vietnamese cinnamon, medium hot cayenne, and our deep, dark chocolate. The spices heighten ... more info
Sweet & Salty Tower Sweet & Salty Tower

Price: $23.75
The best of both worlds. A half-pound box of our favorite Buffet assortment is paired with another box stuffed with fresh roasted nuts; stacked ... more info
Three Tier Chocolate & Nut Tower Three Tier Chocolate & Nut Tower

Price: $50.50
Variety is the spice of life! Our Chocolate and Nut Tower features three unique experiences. Our Chocolate Buffet, a full pound of our homemade ... more info
Three Tier Chocolate Tower Three Tier Chocolate Tower

Price: $48.00
Who could resist this tower of homemade deliciousness? Our best selling Chocolate Buffet is topped by two boxes of award winning favorites: pecan ... more info
Toffee Squares Toffee Squares

Price: $23.00
We squared off and won! Our toffee squares won the coveted "Seal of Excellence" award for good reason. The toffee is cooked slowly to just right ... more info
True Love & Chocolate True Love & Chocolate

Price: $40.50
Our luxurious buffet assortment of hand crafted chocolates holds a sweet surprise - nestled between the confections is a handmade charm necklace by ... more info
True Love Necklace & Chocolate True Love Necklace & Chocolate

Price: $40.50
Our luxurious buffet assortment of hand crafted chocolates holds a sweet surprise - nestled between the confections is a handmade charm necklace by ... more info
Truffle Assortment Truffle Assortment

Price: $19.25
Smooth imported chocolate and Wisconsin whipping cream are infused with fragrant spices, thick liquors or dense espressos to create our signature ... more info
Truffle Heart Truffle Heart

Price: $22.50
Adventure into the arena of love with decisiveness. Choose a box bursting with our magnificent truffles, ready to heat up any affair of the heart. ... more info
Tuxedo Heart Tuxedo Heart

Price: $36.00
Men love chocolate too! Turn the tables this Valentine's Day and give him the chocolates he wants, in a box that is undeniably his. Our tuxedo heart ... more info
Umbrella Umbrella

Price: $23.00
Who can resist chocolate on a rainy day? And, if we must be practical who doesn't need a sturdy umbrella? Our chocolate umbrella is lightweight, wood ... more info
Valentine Oreos® Valentine Oreos®

Price: $16.50
America's favorite cookie, the Double Stuf Oreo®, dunked in our creamy milk chocolate and topped with a meaningful message. A sweet way to show your ... more info
Valentine Pretzels Valentine Pretzels

Price: $17.00
I'm in love with...white pretzels. A crunchy salted full-sized twist pretzel is immersed in our creamy dreamy vanilla coating. A solid crunch, a ... more info
Vanilla Caramels* Vanilla Caramels*

Price: $23.00
Our top-selling confection starts with dairy fresh cream delivered straight to our door. We slow cook the batch until it reaches perfection: a ... more info
Wine Pairing Box Wine Pairing Box

Price: $23.00
Wine and chocolate pairing is all the rage; grab your favorite bottle of wine and this delightful chocolate box to spark an evening of fun. The ... more info
Winter Fruit Winter Fruit

Price: $11.75
Put a little red in your cheeks this Valentine's Day with Marich King Bings. Delicious dried bing cherries, covered with an enticing shell of ... more info
Wisconsin Butter Toffee* Wisconsin Butter Toffee*

Price: $23.00
Our classic butter toffee is always in style. Fresh Wisconsin butter and pure cane sugar are blended together and cooked to a soft sweet crunch. We ... more info
Your Special Order Your Special Order

Price: $1.00
If you have already spoken or emailed with us about a special order, "buy" one of these so we can process your special order as quickly and ... more info

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