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Wilmar Community Giving

Wilmar Chocolates has been a participant in the Fox Cities community for over 50 years. During that time we have donated to hundreds of events.

Our first commitment is to charitable organizations and those in need. We make an effort to rotate our donations so that we are able to include more events over time. As with any enterprise our resources are limited. Because of the large number of requests that we receive each year, we are unable to sponsor all of them. Please know that we will review your request and we will reply if we are able to help.

Please fill out the request form or include the same information in a letter format. Your effort assists us with the donation process and record keeping. We appreciate your time to help us make informed decisions about our available community funds. We will not be able to consider incomplete forms or letters.

Most of our donations are in the form of a gift certificate or gift card. Because chocolate is temperature sensitive, with these options we do not have to consider the weather or the venue. Please use the “share pertinent information” section to include any other details.

Some requests may be more appropriately addressed by our marketing department. In that case, we will forward the information on.


Click here to request a donation

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