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Apples! Caramel Apples!

What makes them special? Fresh Wisconsin whipping cream and milk, hand stirred to perfection; and apples locally grown in an orchard 20 minutes away.

Here’s our process.

We wash the apples, give them sticks, and dipped them into a bubbling copper pot full of fresh caramel. After dipping the apple in the caramel, some are left au natural, some are rolled in chopped peanuts, some are swirled with chocolate (milk, semisweet, mixed), and some become Wilmarvel apples… pecans and chocolate over the caramel. We offer other toppings when we have time, but they are hit and miss.

The beauty of our process? An apple on the tree that morning could be the apple you’re eating in the afternoon.

We make about 10,000, and the season never seems to last long enough, so get ’em while we got ’em! All fresh, all local, fall on a stick. Enjoying Wilmar caramel apples transitions us from Wisconsin summer to Wisconsin fall, painlessly, joyfully, deliciously. #caramelapples #wilmarchocolates #chocolate #fallonastick

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