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The "Chocolate Season" @ WilmarChocolates

At Wilmar our chocolate season does not follow the calendar year. Our kick off month is August and the last month of the ‘season’ is July. It may sound a little crazy, but that’s how it works here in Wisconsin.

We roll into August after our annual monthly July shut-down, replenishing our store and cool room with chocolates. September & October bring our famous caramel apples (natural, peanut, chocolate, turtle) made with Wisconsin cream and local apples. November ushers in chocolate oysters, and the cranberry crisp bar. If we’re lucky a few other seasonal chocolates get ahead of their December schedule: angelfood, rumchata truffles, peanut brittle, star meltaways, and our peppermint s'more bar. In January we welcome (this word is not strong enough for the emotion that these evoke) macadamia Wilmarvels!!! A wilmarvelous combination of roasted macadamia nuts, vanilla caramel, and chocolate. In February, the popular red hot truffles warm us from head to toe to heart (cold weather & Valentine’s Day) and fresh dipped strawberries put color in our pale cheeks. March & April bring spring hatchings: chocolate bunnies, chicks, and eggs. May is for Mothers and our sunshine truffles and flower meltaways spring up. June is all about Father’s Day where our summer caramels and home roasted cashew take center stage. July is our annual shut-down month: our year ends with clean up, copper pot shining, repairs, and ahhhh… vacation : ) #chocolate #wilmarchocolate #chocolateshop #chocolatier #wisconsinchocolatier #giftboxes #greatpeople


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