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Super friendly staff and amazing chocolate and candies. They don't last a day in our house!

Brittney V., 01/04/2020, Fox Crossing, WI

Such a fun and *unique* experience in Appleton, WI! I will definitely be back!

Look About Allie - Travel blogger, 12/30/2019

Merry Christmas Liz and Company. Thank you for all you do!

Beth Davis, 12/18/2019

As always Wilmars is amazing. Even on a very busy evening everybody was smiling! Thanks everybody!

Anonymous, 12/18/2019

It was a fun experience selecting ingredients for our chocolate bar, then watching it be made. We've been ordering Wilmar chocolates for years for Christmas gifts. It was fun to visit where they are being made. Very pleasant workers. And very tasty candy. And great assistance at checkout.

Pat and Tom Messicci, 10/02/2019, Clayton, WI

I love your chocolate.

Nora (5 yrs. Old), 10/01/2019, Chicago, IL


Fantastic fun event for kids of all ages! The crew is very helpful and make the event for fun.

Gary D., 09/26/2019

Awesome business with super helpful employees!

Pat and Audie Rankin, 09/23/2019

Pleasant service!! Still my favorite place for chocolate (I live out of town so I stop whenever I'm back… it's a must)!

Anonymous, 09/07/2019

Me and my sister come here all the way from Stevens Point just to get a chocolate bar. They are so GOOD!

Lauren, Olivia, Piper, Monica, Grandma, 08/22/2019, Stevens Point

We loved being able to pick our own ingredients. Susan was helpful in explaining how they were being made. She was pleasant and very organized.

Anonymous, 08/20/2019

Very friendly and patient and helpful with children.

Monica, 08/14/2019

I love this store! My daughter named it “our store” when she was 5 years old. Marda (after the first time coming here) used to ask every time just she and I got in the car or truck “Do you think Wilmar is open now daddy?” We have been coming here ever since. She is now 23, a grad of the U of Iowa, theatre major, minor in biology and on her way to California at the end of this summer.

Dale Rude, 08/13/2019

My first visit - Called because I was lost. Very good directions - Lots of friendly staff - free tastes - Bought some of everything for friends - Nice + clean too. :)

Diane, 08/01/2019, Butte des Morts, WI

the chocolates are amazing.

William (age 6), 07/04/2019

It was so delices I am come again and prople 10 more times. Thank you.

Jacob Ratzburg, 06/06/2019

Chocolate is yummy

Anonymous, 06/06/2019

Super nice and kind

Anonymous, 04/26/2019

We had a wonderful experience. I got to have so much chocolate, I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory. Everyone seemed so happy and kind. I would definitely come back!

Ruby, 04/12/2019

I come here every year and still can't get enough. They work hard to show you all your chocolate bar progress and do as much they can so if I had a choice to go anywhere I would go here.

Tryniti Seitz, 04/09/2019

This place is awsome. (Happy Face)

Hunter H., 04/03/2019

Very fun idea - the Bar

Anonymous, 03/29/2019

This is the most creative place I've ever seen! Love it. For sure coming back!

Anonymous, 03/09/2019

The hospitality and welcomeness is wonderful! Wilmar's workers are fun to be around and are great with customers. I look forward to coming back!

Amy Blank, 03/01/2019, Neenah, WI

The service is wonderful, the employees are cheerful, and the chocolate is amazing.

Ry Ry, 03/01/2019

This place is soo fun. This is my go-to candy shop. I love mixing in gummie bears and trying samples! I live in Fond Du Lac and drive pretty far to come here!

Maddie, 12/27/2018, Fond du lac

I love this place. I want to work here when I'm older. The people are very kind and answer our questions. Keep doing what you're doing and making the best chocolate ever.

Sydney, 12/27/2018, Fond du lac

A gem of my first Appleton trip!

Paddy, 12/24/2018, Chicago, IL

Awesome service! Really good sweets! I like how they make the chocolate! Very nice! They have great Oreos. Really good chocolates! Try the Sour Patch Kids & Poprocks! Thank you for a great experience.

Woodland 5K Girl Scouts, 12/21/2018

Making your own chocolate bar is so much fun! Anne is awesome and so much fun. I came out from Seattle to get a milk chocolate, Andes mint, peppermint, puffed rice, and pop rock chocolate bar! Merry Christmas.

Sydney Peril, 12/13/2018

You have good chocolate! You are nice people. You have the best things!

Abby S., 12/08/2018

You have the best chocolate!! When I hear Wilmars my mouth waters. The employees are so nice!!

Ezekiel, 12/08/2018

This place is wonderful! I felt very welcome when I came in. Staff is very very friendly. -- She's right, it's really nice here!

Angeles, Virginia, Pada, and Anthony, 09/19/2018

Appleton - A small town does get intoxicated
with the chocolate at Wilmar Chocolates
Oh! The aroma is so very tempting …

Jenney Rodrigues, 08/16/2018, Appleton

This chocolate is amazing! It's creamy, it melts in your mouth, and you can add a simple crunch. I'm making a chocolate bar and it *will* taste amazing! I'm sure of it. Live here if you must, die here if you can!

Alyssa, 08/16/2018, Appleton, WI

Thank you! What a delightful and sweet experience. So fun!

Julie V., 08/10/2018

Thank you! We had fun!

Anonymous, 08/04/2018

It looks so delicious. We had a very good time. Thank you.

Ramu, 08/04/2018

This establishment was very respectful, beautiful and welcoming. The staff was wonderful and the chocolates were wonderful. Best chocolates I've ever had with a wonderful variety.

Jamie Lee, 06/27/2018

Your chocolate is the best I've ever had! It's so tasty and has the best flavor!

Parker Vellieux, 06/15/2018

Went to a chocolate place in Orlando Florida. The quality and flavor was not near as great as Wilmars. I am sending them (aunts) 2 boxes of Wilmars.

Clementine Haupt, 04/07/2018

As always kind, and took care of me.

Chase, 03/22/2018, Iowa

We are delighted to be your first international group tour… your chocolates are so delicious, they should be known around the world! Thank you for your hospitality and sharing your business with us.

Open World Program, 03/16/2018, Kazakhstan

Hands down, the BEST chocolate shop I have ever been to (and there's been many). The staff was so kind and accommodating. We will definitely be making the long drive back here!

Megan and Zach, 03/10/2018, La Crosse, WI

This is the *BEST* chocolate candy store ever! Love the candy and LOVE the fabulous service.

Sue, 02/13/2018

Year after year the helpful staff at Wilmar continues to be just as sweet as the chocolate treats.

Tracy, 02/10/2018, Greenville, WI

Oh my gosh, this was such a fun experience. The girls working were super fun and nice. This was a surprise for “Papa's” birthday and this will now be a favorite tradition.

Sara Clark, 01/04/2018


Theo did an excellent job for me making up a gift box. Merry Christmas.

Linda Franke, 12/22/2017

Amazing stuff. The best chocolate in town. Thank you for being so delicious.

Anonymous, 12/16/2017

Love, love, love!!!

Pam Beahm, 12/13/2017

Make your own chocolate bar is an experience that is unique and a must have for all children and children at heart.

Christina Pierce, 12/02/2017, St. Paul, MN

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour! Every one was very friendly and very informative! Cannot wait to try our candy bars.

Carrie E. & the homeschool group, 10/12/2017

Beautifully done! Very friendly!

Anonymous, 09/15/2017

Wilmar's chocolates are the best chocolates made… and I have tried them all! They beat Godiva's, See's, Hughes, Oak's, Kilmin's, Seroogy's, Fanny Farmer's and Whitmann's! You will NOT be disappointed in any of their chocolates.

Nancy Moder, 09/07/2017

Loved it! Fun activity for the visiting grandkids! Highly recommended.

CAS, 8/10/2017

Grandkids had a great experience ordering custom candy bars and watching them being made. Employees all friendly and helpful! We got some great pictures, and awesome candy!

Rae Marie Sipin, 8/4/2017

Amazing! The chocolate is so sweet and yummy.

Parker, 6/1/2017

U Guys Rock!

Troy Ott, 5/20/2017

We love the "goodies" family bring us, and finally got to experience a trip to Wilmar's and love this place!! Amazing staff, and so many yummy goodies!!

Tracy, 5/10/2017, Dixon, IL

Wilmar Chocolates is amazing!

Napoleon Nosker, 4/6/17

These chocolates are amazing. I'm living in Atlanta right now and between you and me, these beat all of the chocolate stores in Atlanta! These chocolates are flavorful! Amazing customer service also! Keep up the good work!

Parker Vellieux, 4/6/17, Atlanta, GA

This place is the best chocolate place ever! For sure my favorite. I think the chocolate is really good and has great options for everything. 10/10.

Saige Schreiner, 2017

You guys are always very friendly. This service is AMAZING. Of course the chocolate is always wonderful too. A great treat when grocery store items just can't cut it. Keep up the great work and I look forward to my next visit.

Kelly, 2017

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! What can I say, stop in at Wilmars and make it a happy day.

Lori, 2017

Everyone was very helpful and weloved coming.

MaryMarg Karty, 2017

Chocolates speak for themselves! Fun place - exemplary customer service! Thank you!

Anonymous, 2017

Your chocolates are amazing. Being in here after being out of state for years brought back my childhood memories. The chocolate maker was very friendly and courteous. Great job everyone!

Jeff and Cheri Jentz, 2017

The chocolate is great and the workers are super nice. We come here all the time, mostly during the Flag Day parade. I hope many other people get the same experience I did.

Alexis McCard, 12/10/2016, Appleton

Cheryl is amazing! She made our first candy bar making experience very fun and informative. We will definitely be back!

Kristy Hecox, 2016

The staff today was exceptional with my clients from work. Very detailed on each step and with what they do. Awesome place.

Nathan, 9/29/2016

A note of thanks for the delicious box of candies that we used for gifts for our baby shower. We used the four piece boxes for favors and everyone was so happy to see the "Wilmar" name. Thank you, enjoyed by all!

Mary Weeldreyer, 4/17/2016

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful, such fun coming to Wilmar. We make the trip from Milwaukee whenever possible. Thanks!

Jean, 2/27/2016

For a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise, my daughter Kelly ordered assorted chocolates, melt-a-ways, and an awesome candy with cinnamon in it from Wilmars. All were incredibly delicious! We tried to ration them but that really didn't work! Three years ago my husband and I moved from a lifetime of living in Appleton to Jupiter, Florida. One of the things I missed was Wilmar's chocolates. Nothing can beat your chocolates. What a wonderful surprise for Valentine's Day! They are all gone now but if we have another cold spell down in southern Florida and the chocolates can be shipped here without melting, I'm sure we'll order more of your delicious chocolates! Thanks!

Sue Everson, 2/23/2016

This place smells amazing and watching your own candy bar being made is super dope. Great job!

Devon, 1/30/2016

Beautiful store! Wow!

Jim Rivett, 1/18/2016

I am a teacher in a small, Catholic school on the shores of Lake Superior. At Christmastime, I happened to be a recipient of an amazing box of chocolates given to me by one of my 2nd grade students. He mentioned that he thought a relative of his made my chocolates. Well, I have to tell you that I am enjoying my chocolates that were given to me. One chocolate in particular took me back 30 years. It was a square, fruity gelee covered in dark chocolate. I may have cravings for more of these soon! Let me know what I should ask for when I place my order. By the way, there was only one of those in my assorted box. Darn, haha. Thank you for making artisan chocolates. It is evident that you take pride in creating your line of chocolates. They are as lovely to look at as they are to eat!

Deb, 1/9/2016

Merci! Grazie! Gracia! Thanks! This will help me get through finals.

Daniel, 2016, Lawrence University

I love this place! Everyone is so nice and friendly. The chocolate is constantly to kill for!!

Christy, 2016, Appleton

You have the best chocolate around since the time God was made.

Sierra Whitbeck, 2016, Appleton

Great service, great products. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Kate Gillette, 2016

Is this heaven? I needed at least 10 kinds, so I will be back. Thank you!

Margie B, 2016, McHenry, IL

This was an awesome experience for our 4 and 7 year old boys. Great staff and super great chocolate!

Anonymous, 2016

Your store is beautiful. Very nice staff. I will be a repeat customer. Thank you!

Ashley Poplawski, 2016

Wonderful staff that help make not just exceptional sweets but also the perfect selection!

Mary Jeanne Kasper, 2016

First visit, loved it, great experience.

Jeff Porto, 2016

You can't help but enjoy the experience here. A wonderful throwback to better times. You feel a little transferred to a magical Wonka-esque place. The staff is so knowledgeable, true enthusiasts, and as pleasant as you could imagine. A special treat for both mouth and soul.

Jeff Pozniak, 2016

I used to come here all the time as a child and 50 years later I'm still shopping here! Second year tradition, Easter with my boyfriend (hope to be husband). Thank you everyone for all you do!!

Cheri Carlson - Jeff Jentz, 2016

Not only are Wilmar chocolates super yummy, but the chocolate shop clerks provide outstanding customer service with a welcoming smile.

Ann, 2016, Appleton

Smells so good! Such a lovely little shop with great service! I'll definitely be back.

Bailey, 2016, Las Vegas, NV

Absolutely amazing chocolate. Make your own candy bar and enjoy an experience also!

DP, 2016

Two toned caramel apples are fantastic.

Marion, 2016

I loved our experience here! I brought my daughter and her friend for Valentines Day and they made chocolate bars. Very fun and absolutely adored Theo. He went out of his way to help me out and I will definitely come back for delicious sweets. Anne and Julie were awesome and lovely too.!

Lannie K, 2016

Favorite time of year! Can't resist your caramel aples. They are the best!

Jane Steger, 2016

Great staff. Nancy and Brandy especially. Excellent selection that's always the best quality.

John S, 2016

Thank you so much for the wonderful chocolates. I wanted one last box before temps rise above 70 degrees. When I was a child my dad sold candy in his store. As I grew older there was a wonderful candy shop in Madison, Badger Candy Kitchen, and the owner Gus once told me that one piece of "real" chocolate is better than all of the more "commercially" made candy. He was correct. There may be many chocolatiers in Madison since Gus retired and the store closed, but none could match the confections Badger Candy Kitchen made. So for years I have been without the taste of chocolate until I came across yours. What a sweet surprise. Thank you very much for keeping the candy shop chocolate tradition going, no wonder you win so many state fair awards!

Georgia Wagaman, 2016

I've been here many times and everytime it tastes great. It's made fast and gets better everytime I come.

Noah, 2016, age 10

Love the "Bar Lady"!

Anonymous, 12/31/2015


Jim, 2015

The best chocolate I have ever had. I love the small town feel and the care that goes into every chocolate bar. No other chocolate shop compares.

Benn Zubke, 2015, Minneapolis, MN

We stopped by to have our grandchildren view some of the chocolate goodies that Wilmar makes. Really great people! Thank you for the tour!

Kevin McCann, 2015

It's incredible how much it takes to make a delicious treat. Can't wait to try it!

Alex Burnett Nolan, 2015

Oysters have been our family favorite for over 50 years!

Wendy Freshley, 2015

Love this place!

Anonymous, 2015

My son went to college at UW Stout in Menominee WI and still resides there. His family visits the Fox Valley frequently. A visit to this area wouldn't be complete without a visit to Wilmar's. I had to return for more angel food. His wife is from the Minneapolis area and had never had it before. She says it is her favorite now.

Jane M Brugan, 2015


Sharon Schrader, 2015

Very, very, very delicious. Everytime I come to Wilmars I come to the chocolate making room to order a bar. Also, they only take 10-15 minutes to make! It's fun!

Sophia Zenefski, 2015

This is the best chocolate in the world!

Chocy Holic, 2015

I love the chocolate you make, it's the best in the world.

Violet, 2015

Your chocolate bars are good!

Reagan Valinski, 2015

I like the way you make the chocolate. You are amazing.

Regan, 2015

Your place is the best!

Naomi Barquet, 2015

Thank you so much for the great tour of your wonderful candy store and our huge chocolate bars! We love Wilmar!

Girl Scout Troop 2089, 2015, Xavier Elementary School

Gift certificates for Mix-It-Up bars are a perfect St. Nick gift. The kids loved counting santas while they waited for their bars. We're hoping St. Nick gives them again next year.

Christine, 2015

Wow! Our first visit from Fond Du Lac! Not our last! Amazing!

Kathy and Jeff, 2015


Wonderful customer service every time! Thank you Theo for your attention and time with my orders! I love the chocolates too of course!

Serena, 2015


Please open a branch in downtown Menasha!

Sanara, 2015

My aunt Helen introduced us to Wilmar Chocolates when we were just young kids. She made it a Christmas tradition. She is no longer with us, having passed away the day after Christmas of 2008, but the tradition lives on. Thanks to Helen, Wilmars will always be at our Christmas.

Colleen McMahon, 2015

I really like your Mix-It-Up bars!

A well wisher, 2015

Not only is the chocolate delicious, the service is second to none! Always a great experience.

Lynn D, 2014

Wonderful service with a smile!

Jacki, 2014

Our daughter will think we are the greatest. Instead of flowers, we are bringing dark chocolate caramels for Thanksgiving!

Jo Lamprey, 2014

Thank you for your outstanding chocolates and superior customer service!

Larry, 2014

It's amazing how you mix the chocolate to make your own chocolate bars. You are on my best store list.

Mia, 2014

I visited friends in Appleton 10 years ago who took me to Wilmar Chocolates. Yum! I've since ordered the maple creams and caramels and am planning to branch out a little. Those maple creams are the best I've ever had. Thanks!

Rosalie, 2009

We were in the Appleton area for the Marathon festivities and stopped in to your establishment. We really enjoyed our visit and came away with some sinfully delicious chocolate.

Mary, 2009

I was in Appleton last week and my sister brought me by your store. I purchased a 1 1/2 pound box of mixed chocolates and turtles. It was a very nice assortment and your very helpful clerk specially packaged it for my return flight. It is with deep regret, therefore, that I must report a serious product defect. You see, I put the box of chocolate out yesterday to share with my coworkers. But for some reason, the chocolates completely evaporated! There is no trace left except for a bunch of brown papers. I think this may require some research on your part to determine why they would just disappear! Perhaps there is something in the chemical formula that interacts with the air in Florida - I don't know. Thanks so much - they were splendid!! And I'm a hero. Except everyone wants me to go back to Wisconsin again really soon. Do you think they are trying to get rid of me or something???

Greg Hollingshead, 2006


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